Token Plan

Token Plan

5 billion PHUCKS is allocated for MARKETING & GIVEAWAYS (100 million have been given away already as of 6/15/2021) - TZ717iwsyL4B4SFi9dp7TLVgEsqzs7Hqdm

15 billion PHUCKS is allocated for our Brand Ambassador & Affiliate Program (Affiliate Program already live. Brand Ambassador Program still in development) - TZ717iwsyL4B4SFi9dp7TLVgEsqzs7Hqdm

5 billion PHUCKS is allocated for exchanges (over 100 million sold on JUSTSWAP as of 6/15/2021) - We do not want our PHUCKS to saturate the exchanges causing the price to drop dramatically. Hence why after the 5 billion PHUCKS are sold at exchanges, any new PHUCKS introduced will be from team members, those who received PHUCKS from airdrops, giveaways, rewards, and early investors. - TJ58AwNx5nh3swHZMtdZw8E4YUdDh9ypdY

25 billion PHUCKS reserved for an upcoming Rewards Program (Waiting for AureusBuxx to go live) - TJ58AwNx5nh3swHZMtdZw8E4YUdDh9ypdY (Once moved to a smart contract for the Rewards Program, Smart Contract Address will be provided)

50 billion PHUCKS held by Founders, Development & Marketing Team. - Those with a billion or more PHUCKS are only allowed to sell 5% of their stake within the first 3 months of hitting centralized exchanges. After 6 months, we are allowed to sell at a rate of .5% of their original stake per month. We want price stability for the long term.

Ultimate goal of the control of supply is to prevent rugpulls and the wallet addresses of major holders and their profile on this page would ensure trust amongst the PHUCKS community.

Jonathan A - Co-Founder of PHUCKS / Managing Member of Abacab Ltd.

Over 20 years in E-Commerce Experience under his belt. Jonathan has developed successful and not-so successful e-commerce platforms ranging from telecommunications, electronics, mobile phone & accessories, 3d printing platforms. (ie: Phanes 3DP, PHUCKS is a fun project aimed at having people embrace a symbol that is normally shunned by the general public. Jonathan's goal with PHUCKS is to cater to the community that embraces the symbol through entertainment and merchandising. Twitter: jonacosto - FYI I don't really use this acct.


Matthew A. - Co-Founder & Social Media Advisor

Matthew A have over a decade in social media expertise from influencer relationships and strategies. His contribution is key to the success of the PHUCK Brand in the social media world. Ownership stake 15% of PHUCKS supply. - Twitter: yoionii


Hakan F. - Development Advisor / Chief Phuck of Europe

Founder & Owner of - Hakan is a major contributor by providing essential development advise due to his successful building of 3DPriterChat, an online news & entertainment site in the 3d printing community. 5% stake into the coin's total supply. Twitter: 3DPrinterChat


Lisa H. - Phuck Morale/Outreach Officer

Lisa H role in PHUCKS is to be the official cheerleader of the brand, mainly handling social media communications with coin holders and fans. When we begin our convention circuit she will help manage how our Brand reaches out to the masses. She has over 30+ experience in brand outreach.


Tomiwa O. - Artist/ Little PHUCK of Africa

Tomiwa O is an upcoming artist in the African Continent scene. Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria - he aims to be a beacon of example that his country can aspire more than Nigerian Prince E-Mails. His role in PHUCKS is to draw the creative content in our brand merchandising and have taken the role to pump the PHUCK Brand. ArtStation Profile


Anish R. - Lead Platform Developer

Anish have over 20 years in PHP Development Experience. He is crucial in developing the upcoming rewards program with AureusBuxx which PHUCKS have allocated 25 billion PHUCKS. His experience and dedication is essential in the success of PHUCKS and AureusBuxx.