PHUXX – A Premium BSC Token by PHUCK Brand

What is PHUXX?

PHUXX is a BSC(Binance Smart Chain) variant Brand Token aimed at promoting values of anti-establishment, danke humor, and a good time. Our online
store sells various products such as clothing, phone cases, and other accessories where our customers can earn PHUCKS/PHUXX as a reward for their purchase. PHUXX will support the same values as PHUCKS/PHUXX, but with differences.

Unlike the TRC-20 variant PHUCKS, PHUXX has a fixed supply of one billion tokens. Making this our premium brand utility token which will compliment the TRC-20 cousin.


Earn More Rewards

When making a purchase at a participating merchant, earn more PHUCK TRC-20 when HODLing PHUXX

Limited Supply

Only One Billion PHUXX created and will ever exist.


1% Monthly Dividend of TRC-20 PHUCKS
Exclusive Private Sale & Airdrops for Start-Up Tron Projects

5% Bonus on Game Tokens

Get 5% PHUCK Tokens to play more PHUCKING Games.

Our Live Products

PHUCKS Mobile App

Released on Android, iOS coming late 2021. Users can see the value of their PHUCKS (see roadmap for PHUXX Integration) and purchase merchandise. September 2021, we will be integrating our payment and rewards for our mobile games. PHUCK INVADERS, PHUCK DAT BS, PHUCK OFF, FIND MY PHUCKS, and PHUCK FACE AUTO. More game developments will be announced at a later date. Current App is live on Google Play Store.

Google Chrome Extension

Our Google Chrome Extension allows users to see the value of their PHUCKS and direct links to our twitter feed, product page, and where they can buy more PHUCKS.


Our first live use case to expand the brand. Phanes is the development arm of Abacab Ltd. This WooCommerce plugin enables merchants to accept PHUCKS and Tron as a payment method. Expanding our use case to potentially 3 million online stores in the WordPress Community. We are expanding to other CMS Platforms in the coming months.

Where to Buy

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