PHUCKS – A Tron Powered Cryptocurrency which aims to spread the PHUCKS


PHUCKS is a digital brand token aimed at promoting values of anti-establishment, danke humor, and a good time. Our online store sells various products such as clothing, phone cases, and other accessories where our customers can earn PHUCKS as a reward for their purchase. We strive to grow this brand by doing giveaways, sponsorships, and entering the mobile gaming arena. Unlike a meme coin, a brand token is a cryptocurrency with a purpose of driving its value by engaging the community that supports the eco-system by building real use cases of the crypto token such as earning PHUCKS with our online store and our upcoming mobile app game development.

A TRC-20 token where people can give and get Phucks. Consider this a parody of Doge, Safemoon, Hoge, Shibu, and CumRocket, but with an actual product. We are creating a decentralized P2P IRC mobile payment app, where you give or receive a Phuck or two for fun. You can send a standardized message like, "You got Phucks!" or "Don't say I never gave a Phuck!" and much more. Our ultimate goal is to build the platform as we continue to grow the Phucks community and promote Tron blockchain by promoting its technology. No longer can anyone say, "I don't have any Phucks left to give!" Now you can give them some!

Tron blockchain is much faster, cheaper, and scalable than Ethereum. Ethereum 2.0 is coming in 2022, and it's supposed to have the same features that Tron has right now. Phucks Coin will be a community that will not only mock meme coins, but be a cheerleader to the blockchain that powers our Phucks.

We are reserving 50  billion of our tokens for the development of mobile games and other platform advancements conceived by our creative team and our community. Yeah! Your Phucks can help empower the community to do some sick sh!t. How many Phucks do you have?


 PHUCK Token’s value is dependent on two factors. The first factor is the popularity of the token. Shiba Inu, Doge, and many other meme coin’s values are based on popularity, but once their popularity fades, so does the value of the coin. PHUCK aims to avoid this popularity fade by introducing use cases. The second factor is the use case of our token. One example of our use case is to allow the token be used by online merchants as a form of payment, so people can pay with PHUCKS. In addition, rewards platforms such as loyalty points and VIP bonuses for token holders will ensure brand loyalty, price stability, and growth.

When our Phucks hits the exchange and has intrinsic value, you can sell your Phucks or buy more Phucks from people who foolishly want to get rid of their Phucks for another cryptocurrency, or even worse: for Fiat. So HODL your Phucks and see how much they are worth. Your Phucks can be used to pay for college, your first home, a Lambo, paying off your debts, or to live a life full of hookers and blow.


May 2021
Presale at

June 2021
Listed on Vindax exchange (PHUCK/USDT).
PHUCK brand store goes live.

July 2021
First version of mobile app is released on Google Play Store.
Begin pre-registration for merchants to accept our token at their stores.
First online game is released.

August 2021
First merchants accepting PHUCKS at their online stores are announced.
Second exchange listing is announced.

September 2021
Fall/winter product lineup is announced

October 2021


More partnerships and brand awareness will be announced

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The Roadmap Of Phucks: We Go Where We Want.

If We Wanna Make An App Where People Can Try To Find Our Phucks,
We Do It...

If We Wanna Make An App Where We Can Do Sh!t With Our Phucks,
We Do It...

Our Phucks Are Decentralized—we Go In Any Direction
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Phucks Irc Mobile App Is Released

Phucks Gets Listed On Some Exchanges To Determine Its Worth

1 Billion Phucks (1:1 Phucks, Up To 1 Million Phucks Per Person) To Early Investors, Will Be Airdropped.
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We Phuck The Moon

Investor Dumps Safemoon, Cumrocket, Hoge, Shibu Holders

Elon Musk Abandons Dogecoin When He Realizes His Phucks Don't Have Value
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The Roadmap Of Phucks: We Go Where We Want.

If We Wanna Make An App Where People Can Try To Find Our Phucks,
We Do It...

If We Wanna Make An App Where We Can Do Sh!t With Our Phucks,
We Do It...

Our Phucks Are Decentralized—we Go In Any Direction
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