Our Apps

PHUCKS is in Google Play

Features of our Android App:

Shop our prosucts

View current price info on our cryptocurrency token

(Coming Soon)

See how many PHUCKs you have and share to the world

Message Other PHUCK Holders

Basic Mobile Game

EARN PHUCKS by installing the app, screenshot, and send screenshot to idont@givephuck.com with your TRC20 Compatible Wallet Address

Receive $1 USD worth of PHUCKS


Google Chrome Extension

The PHUCKS Google Chrome Extension gives you access to the latest price updates on our coin, latest products, and latest news from our twitter feed.

We are in beta test version, earn $1 worth of PHUCKS PHUCKS for testing it out and giving us feedback on how to improve it and what you want to see.

Download the extension file here

Put the Extension folder in either My Documents or any folder of your choosing.

In Chrome, go to Manage Extensions

Load Unpacked



Voila!!, You got PHUCKS in your Chrome Browser


    Give us 48 hours to send your 50,000 PHUCKS

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