Hey PHUCK Holders, missed out on the initial airdrop?

PHUCK Holders can receive an airdrop of 1/4th of their current PHUCK Holdings.

Qualification Rules:

  1. Hold PHUCKS from now until July 15th, 2021; that's when we will issue the airdrops.
  2. Justswap Holders before June 15th, are ineligible.
  3. Register your wallet with the form below.

AureusBuxx is a cryptocurrency rewards platform powered by the Tron Blockchain. The platform allows e-commerce merchants to offer cryptocurrency as a reward for making purchases at their store. The reward can be stored at a TRC-10/20 compatible wallet and can be used at any participating AureusBuxx merchant website. Unlike typical store rewards programs, AureusBuxx increases in value over time and is not limited to one store.