Accept Phucks

Accepting Merchants



  • Accepting cryptocurrency at your store?
  • Want to accept cryptocurrency at your store?
  • Adopt a crypto token powered by the Tron Network with a growing community.
  • Fast Transaction Speeds
  • Instant Payment Notifications
  • No Transaction Fees, just Tron Bandwidth & Energy Fees (Much Much Cheaper than Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal)
  • $250 in PHUCKS for the first 100 merchants who adopt our token.
  • Automated listed as a participating PHUCKS Vendor in our directory and you can post weekly deals to our international following.
  • You can begin accepting PHUCKS with PHANES PAYMENTS (Development Partner)

You will receive your bonus within 48 hours after we see our logo in your store's checkout option. Any removal will result to your store removed from our directory. Allow 24 hours for your store to be updated in the directory.


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